Bangkok Hospital Samui

The 18 private hospitals in thailand, bangkok hospital samui is one hospital belongs this branch which located on the koh samui and offer medical facillities. Our hospital is a top medical in southeast asia because our stuff/surgeons and specialist are trained in the latest techniques and receive their education in North America or Europe.



At Bangkok Hospital Samui, there are 50 patient beds, 25 full-time physicians /stuffs and nurses. Our hospital's have a state-of-the-art facilities include two modern operational theaters, a CT-64 slice, Ultrasound 4D  and a fully-stocked blood bank and emergency unit also include.More than half of the patients at Bangkok Hospital Samui are foreign-born, and among these only a small percentage are part of local expatriate communities. Most of the patients are enrolled in medical tourism packages. The staff is well-versed in medical to=urism and can assist patients with paperwork, travel arrangements and even airport pickups.






. For inquiries and support please visit or Call: +66(2)653-3880 for International. Australia: 02 800-500-56


Bangkok Samui