Phuket International Hospital

Located on the tropical island of Phuket, surrounded by clear water of the andaman sea, Phuket Hospital is one of the largest private hospital in the region to offer care diagnosis and treatment of complex medical and expertise in almost operation.
More over 25 years our vision is healthy and quality has not changed our latest development efforts, our Phuket and the public benefit thousands of tourists that come visit. 
Is one of the leading private hospital in the phuket region, Phuket International Hospital offers a variety of medical and hospital services orientated specific needs of the Thai population, travel abroad and foreigners. 
Founded in 1982 Phuket Hospital is the first private hospital opened in the area. Phuket Hospital is not only the expansion of services but the size of the hospital more over 150 beds and treatment of hundreds of thousands more each year, including the first hospital in Phuket, medical tourists and health promotion. Here. We have grown our reputation and we now have the enviable reputation for quality and cost efficient hospital services, along with natural warmth and care that only true to the thai hotels. 
Our tradition continues with the recent launch of new residential, our latest medical technology and the Phuket International Hospital for a long time and the ability to provide specific medical and surgical treatment which consists of about six, including an indoor parking for 150 cars second floor of the outpatient clinic and specialist accommodation and two layers of special patient privacy. 

From the expansion entrance hall floor several rooms for a special counsel, center section only female children have a special play area and modern dental center hemodialysis treatment centers Phuket is the largest plastics and beauty of Phuket hospital International new place the international service standards and maintaining international Phuket 

Patients are cared for in private rooms capture the natural light and spacious with enough space for the family is part of the care team. Carefully planned laboratory unit special treatment room and operating room care to facilitate border around the hospital design reduce noise added comfort and support patients last.


. For inquiries and support please visit or Call: +66(2)653-3880 for International. Australia: 02 800-500-56


Phuket Hospital