Septo Rhinoplasty Thailand

The nose may look perfect outside but there could be some breathing problems due to some obstruction within the nostrils. This is because the nasal septum is asymmetrical. This should be corrected to have clear breathing. For this purpose a cosmetic procedure Septorhinoplasty surgery is performed on the patient.  Septorhinoplasty Thailand surgery not only removes the obstructions in nasal septum but it also corrects the structure and size of the nose.

The procedure is simple

The septum is the wall that divides the nose into two nostrils. This wall could sometimes be bent or and not firm. This causes breathing disorders and is prominent in patients with cleft lip or those suffering from sinusitis. Septoplasty is the name of the surgery that involves only the correction of this septum.

But if you want to have a dual surgery then Septorhinoplasty Thailand surgeons would suggest a combination of rhinoplasty and septoplasty known as Septorhinoplasty. This surgery would give you a dual advantage. If you have a crooked or a big nose it would be straightened and even made smaller or bigger according to your desire.
Apart from working meticulously on the size and shape of the nose, your surgeon will also work on the septum that could have been deviated due to many reasons. The nasal septum is rectified from crooked or deviated to straight leaving you with a perfect looking nose increasing your beautiful appearance and also a free breathing process without difficulty. This is the specialty of the Thailand surgeons and what’s more, it is done at a low cost saving you more than 80% of the total costs is you are to do it elsewhere.

Surgery and Recovery

The Septorhinoplasty Thailand surgeons are experts in this type of surgery and they would take a minimum of two or three hours to successfully finish it. Your recovery period would be the same as a rhinoplasty surgery. You will face some breathing discomfort during the next two to three weeks following surgery. A certain amount of swelling and bruising will be seen and felt inside the nose. After three weeks the recovery would be extremely perfect and you will be able to go back to your normal routine life.

Risk factors

Risk factors do exist in any surgery but it is the individual’s decision to do Septorhinoplasty Thailand surgery or any other facelift surgeries involving the different parts of the face and not the surgeon’s. Hence while the surgeons are doing their best to give you a perfect appearance after the surgery, comfort during the surgery and the recovery period it depends on the patient’s co-operation with medications, abstinence from smoking and liquor, and patience during the recovery period.

A successful Septorhinoplasty Thailand surgery could be possible only if  there is proper co-ordination between the patient and the surgeon, thorough discussing before the surgery after which when the patient is convinced that such discomforts are to be expected after the surgery, should this be performed on the patient. Surgeries are risky but at the same time the benefits are huge.


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Septo Rhinoplasty Cosmetic