Rhinoplasty Thailand

The nose is the prominent part of a person’s face. The face itself is developed with different parts like the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, nose etc. If one part of the face is disfigured or not in proper shape the entire face collapses and you become unattractive and ugly, while on the other hand if all these parts are placed proportionately there is no one as pretty or handsome as you. Today the looks of a person are not judged by God any more, people have practiced the art of making their faces look pleasing and attractive to suit their needs by way of plastic surgeries. Rhinoplasty Thailand is a surgery meant to correct any deficiency in the structure of the nose. You can get this done in Thailand saving a huge amount of around 85% of the total costs.

What is rhinoplasty Thailand surgery

By opting for this surgery you can change the shape of your nose, narrow your nostril range, restructure the tip or even the bridge of your nose or even change the angle between the upper lip and the nose. You can do anything that suits you, it sometimes even serves a useful purpose for those who have difficulty in breathing.
During rhinoplasty Thailand surgeons meticulously do nose implants by inserting a silicone implant perfectly on the nose bridge increasing its size. While this process increases the nose size in the case of reducing the nose size just the opposite is done, rhinoplasty Thailand surgeon reshape and alter the existing size by removing a bit from it.

You can opt for alarplasty another technique of rhinoplasty Thailand surgeon use to reduce the width of nostrils that sometimes can pose a difficult situation for you. This surgery would lessen the contours of the nose and make you look beautiful.

Preparation and safety of rhinoplasty

If you are under a certain medication you should stop it two weeks before the surgery. Also if you are a smoker or a drinker of alcohol you should stop the habit two weeks before time. You may have to stay in Thailand for a minimum of 8 days though the surgery requires that you stay in hospital only for a day. Your visits to the hospital for the next seven days are essential.

Rhinoplasty Thailand surgeons ensure enough safety and precaution while performing the surgery but beyond all this there are a few exceptions and complications that may happen to a few patients which have to be taken into consideration, but however, Thailand hospitals have specialised in Rhinoplasty.

Recovery period

Rhinoplasty Thailand surgery is perfromed well and when you are recovering you will undergo some discomfort due to bleeding from the nose, swelling around the eyes and nose, some breathing problems which may disappear within a day or two. You will need at least to wait for two to three weeks to do any strenuous jobs, while the complete normalcy may take even up to one year.  Of course you can go out after two or three weeks.


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