Otoplasty Thailand

Otoplasty Thailand is one type of cosmetic surgery that helps in reshaping abnormal ears or over protruding ears. Ears are the vital organs that help in hearing and form the beauty factor that plays along with the other facial features to give an attractive look. But for few people the ears look inappropriate protruding out making it look odd. This is not a disorder, but for anyone who thinks this has to be resized and look more appealing then Otoplasty in Thailand is the definite choice.


This problem is due to the failure of the folding progression in the ear’s cartilage of a developing baby. Ear Pinning is another name which is commonly used to refer Otoplasty. Before performing Otoplasty it is very important to understand the eligibility criteria of a candidate. Surgeons’ suggest that the candidate if adult must be healthy and as well be mentally strong. But they always prefer to have the surgery done before 15 years of age and kids above 4 years. It is just to avoid psychological disturbance and it can be performed on candidates of any age group.


The Surgery generally involves in reducing the size or reshaping the ear’s cartilage. Cartilage is the tissue that supports the ears and it is this that has to be given the customized look during the surgery. The surgery is performed by making incisions behind the ear, and then the cartilage is remolded and is sutured back. And the extra skin is also removed during the surgery.

The surgery is either performed with a local anesthetic or general anesthetic. The surgery might take 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the surgery. The incision and the sutures are in the back side of the ear and so there will not be any surgical marks that would be visible. And even the scars that appear behind the ears would go vanished in due course of time.

Pre Surgery:

There are few things that should be followed before the commencement of the surgery. One must halt smoking well in advance, at least one week before the surgery. It is also advisable not to consume anti-inflammatory and aspirin drugs and diet supplements because it might lead to excessive bleeding. A proper consultation with the plastic surgeon is also required to understand the necessity of the candidate and also for the candidate to understand about the surgery.

Post Surgery:

The ear is fastened with bandages for better results and the candidates are expected to have the bandages for the next several days. Removal of the bandages after 2 days of time would deliver better results. The desired result is witnessed after 10 or20 days, and is purely dependant on the complexity of the performed surgery.

There are always risks that are involved in any surgeries. Artificial looks to the natural ears, cartilage infection, scars and blood clot are some of the possible risks involved. But these risks have not been majorly reported. And it always calls attention of the candidates to choose the best medical centers and Otoplasty Thailand is the best. 

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