Mini Tummytuck Thailand

Of all the parts of the body it is really difficult to maintain the abdominal regions which gets bloated with aging. Woman experience this majorly after pregnancy and men experience due to aging and few due to excessive fat right from childhood. Most of the people find it very difficult even after regular exercise and dieting. For all those who want to maintain a wonderful abdomen structure Tummy Tuck Thailand is an option to go for. And for the people who think they do not possess excess of fat, then the ideal option would be the Mini Tummy Tuck Thailand also referred as ‘Scar less’  Tummy tuck surgery.

Mini Tummy Tuck:

Tummy tuck surgery is performed on a person who has excess skin from the abdominal region and involves the process of tightening the abdominal wall muscles. Tummy Tuck operations are performed after a regular consultation program hearing to the candidates expectation and is then performed.  

Ideal Candidates:

Mini Tummy Tuck Thailand is an ideal option for patients who do not have excess of abdominal skin, but has just have very little of extra fat on their abdomen. Abdominoplasty is the medical term used for this type of cosmetic surgery. Abdominoplasty is performed on the candidates who have large amount of excess fat in their abdomens. In this case of mini Tummy Tuck the surgery undergone by the candidates is referred to as Partial Abdominoplasty. Tummy Tuck Thailand is performed on both man and woman. Interestingly, the number of Men registering for the surgeries has increased over Woman.


Mini Tummy Tuck Thailand is performed by making incision on the abdomen and removes the excess fat from the abdomen. The surgeon does not work on the relocation of the naval, whereas Tummy Tuck surgery requires that. After the excess of fat is removed the abdomen muscles are tightened up and the skin is pulled down to be stitched. In case excess of the skin has to be removed from the abdomen then the extra tissues are removed as well.

Risks involved:

Mini Tummy Tuck Thailand also has few risks involved like any other surgery. Bruising, bleeding, swelling and infection are the common side effects that would be experienced by a candidate. Blood clots and delayed healing process are risks involved in this Mini Tummy Tuck Thailand Surgery.

Recovery Period:

The patients who undergo the surgery need not stay in the hospital post surgery. They would discharged and can start working in several days but care must be taken that stress should not be applied in the abdominal area for some time as it might result in pain and lead to other problems. The recovery period may be just over a week and candidates would experience pain after surgery. These pains can be fought with appropriate medications or pain killers.

It is always necessary to understand what is expected from the surgery and hence finding a better place for consultation and surgery is always vital. Many hospitals in Thailand perform Partial Abdominoplasty with experienced doctors. It is always good to choose the place that yields better results.  

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Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery