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When a person begins to start aging it will be noticed clearly by the extra lines on the forehead, drooping eyelids, sagging skin on the cheeks, neck and under the chin. This is a sign that should not be neglected, especially if you are an important person who is being watched by many people throughout the world, or if you are holding a very high or demanding position. Naturally no one would want to look old and haggard to their colleagues and friends, or even to their spouse and family. Mini facelift Thailand is the solution to this problem.


However since mini facelift Thailand is meant only to correct the face of those who have excess skin and fat on their mid cheeks and chin, it does not stop the process of aging, it can only give the patient a new and fresh look for a certain period of time, a few numbers of years.


How to start the process

Since mini facelift Thailand surgery is performed in hospitals spread across Thailand patients have to make prior appointments with their surgeons before making flight and lodging arrangements while in Thailand which may be a minimum of one week comprising three days before and three to four days after the surgery. Surgery costs are reduced by 60 to 80% if taken in Thailand.


Surgery process of mini facelift Thailand

The surgery starts with a general or a local anesthesia that is administered to the patient. The surgeon then makes small incisions along the hairline usually on the sides of the temples and in front of the ears. The underlying fat is removed and the loose skin is then tightened and the excess skin is cut away leaving the facial muscles tightened to give you that beautiful appearance that show less aging and more elegance.


Results of mini facelift Thailand are delightful

The duration of the operation is around one hour and the results are an extremely good looking delightful and younger appearance.

However the risk factors are those that have to be taken into your stride when opting for a mini face lift Thailand surgery. They may be temporary or permanent depending on your health and body condition.


After Care or recovery period

The recovery or after care period, should be carefully practiced to avoid side effects and long healing processes. The surgery itself would leave you all battered and bruised with swelling and pain. You should follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully and take the medication prescribed. Avoid liquor and smoking for the time mentioned by the surgeon which would normally be for a few months for safe and quick recovery.


Keep your head elevated and avoid facing the sunlight for the first few weeks, as this could leave immense discoloring. There would be small tube attached to your face for the blood draining. This could be uncomfortable but it would be removed in a day or two. All these processes can be conducted successfully when you do your mini face lift Thailand.


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