Fat Injection Thailand

There are numerous cosmetic surgeries that the hospitals in Thailand offer to bring a youthful appearance to your face. Some of them include Chin Augmentation, Cheek Implants, Chin Reduction, Face lift, Fat injection Thailand etc. Fat injection is one of the method by which one could restore the lost beauty due to scars, wrinkles and bad contours on the face. Fat injection Thailand specialists perform this phenomenal surgery that would restore beauty or enhance beauty of an individual.

Fat Injection Thailand:

Fat Injection Thailand surgeries are offered at numerous centers with a motto of making candidates happy with minimal or zero post surgery effects. Since face is the essential part of the body which appeals one’s beauty, it is very important to perform this surgery with utmost care. The surgery involves the transplantation of the fat cells from one part of the body to the other. It helps in losing wrinkles and scars in the face and makes one feel younger. The technique used is called Fat Grafting or Fat Injection.

This process can be done to the facial regions to gain much younger look. Cheeks, fore head regions, below lower eyelids, area surrounding the lips are some spots in face where the surgery can be effective.  Some scars can also be eliminated and it also removes skin depressions if any.  

Treatment Process:

Fat Injection Thailand surgery involves two complicated practices. First step is to extract fat cells from the donor region and the other to inject back into the required area.  The place from where the fat cells are to be removed is cleaned and then a tube called ‘liposuction canula’ is used to extract the fat cells. These extracted fat cells are then treated with Saline to identify and remove the dented fat cells. Finally with a use of a syringe the cells are injected into the specific region which needs fat. 

Results and duration of benefits

Fat Injection Thailand surgeries might not be extravagantly satisfying with the durability factor because the fat injected vanishes away the wrinkle but the natural, original look of an individual returns back in 6 months period. Sometimes it lasts only for 3 months. It also depends on individual patients. The surgery does not come for many years and therefore constant injections are required to boast that elegant look.  

The treatment takes a minimum of 15 minutes and can go up to one and a half hours. It also depends on the person’s expectation. If it involves injecting at multiple places then it would take much time as it involves multiple injections. A candidate who has undergone fat injection Thailand surgery would be released as soon as the surgery is over and can be expected to heal in a week’s time.  

There will be side effects for this surgery but are very minor. A person can experience redness and swelling in the skin and also experiences a sense of discomfort and itching. These side effects are mostly reported in the first 2 days after the surgery. Antibiotics would be provided for candidates who ever acquire infection but they chances of this happening is very less. Fat Injection Thailand would be the best options that should be chosen while making a decision to have the surgery done. 

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Fat Injection