Buccal Fat Removal Thailand

The old adage or nursery rhyme “chubby cheeks dimple chin” seemed interesting earlier but today no one wants to have chubby cheeks, it means that it is a sign of extra weight. Everyone today are dieting and doing exercises to reduce the excess fat on their cheeks and body as well. Ladies and gents, boys and girls want to look leaner in their face as this seems more attractive and it is the latest fashion. What happens when dieting and exercise do not produce results? Buccal fat removal Thailand is your answer.

How to do this?

You should seek the advice and service of a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Discuss the entire process with your surgeon and clear all doubts before you start the process. Get the exact appointment date and follow the instructions given by the surgeon. You may have to stay away from ibrofen or aspirin for about one to two weeks before the surgery. You will require blood tests a week before the surgery and if you are on other medications your surgeon should inform you what to do.

What else should you know?

You should be informed in detail by your surgeon that the surgery itself is not an easy one. It involves pain and swelling with discomforts like depression and less exposure for two to three weeks. It could involve a few side effects that could last for a short while or remain their permanently, for instance scarring and bruising.

What happens when a buccal fat removal Thailand surgery begins?

It is advisable to first decide whether you really need a buccal fat removal surgery, especially if you are very young and you have chubby cheeks, it could disappear as you grow older. But if you have a surgery you would look haggard as you grow older.

Before the surgery you will be administered with general anesthesia which is a mild dose of sedation. Anesthesia could be of different types like oral or local sedation, some surgeons would prefer to use IV sedation. Anesthesia has its own risks hence it is recommended that you read and get more information on it before deciding the type of anesthesia you require.

The whole surgery would take around one hour. After you have your dose of anesthesia the surgeon will make a simple 2-3cm long incision inside the mouth between the gum and the cheek. Pressure would be put on the cheekbone to extract the excess fat through the small incision using a special tweezers. This done, you are almost through, the surgeon will do minute sutures that are non-removable to block the incision.

Recovery and benefits

The recovery period could extend to a few weeks but the first two or three days would be quite painful and you will not be able to chew food and will require liquid food. Avoid food with acid content for a few days as this may irritate the sutures. Even after a few weeks certain meats and fish should be avoided, it is better to restrict your diet to vegetables and fruits that are carefully washed before consuming.

To feel comfortable over the pain and swelling, just relax and take the surgeon’s medications promptly. Lie on an elevated pillow to keep your head up. There would be swelling in the face which may cause depression and tiredness. It is natural that you will have swelling, pain and discomfort. Don’t use your tongue to pick at the sutures. If you have unnatural pus and bleeding and pain that you can’t bear even after the medication you should check with your surgeon for the reason.

Buccal fat removal Thailand ensures that you go through all this pain and trauma only to get a beautifully elongated or oval shaped face much to the envy of your friends around you. You will notice when you put your lips to a straw to have a drink your face line has improved so much. Your smile would change making you look better. However, certain tingling of the skin or sharp pain when you smile may be there, but it will disappear within a few weeks.


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Buccal Fat Removal Surgery