Naravee Clinic

Why the patients are choosing this hospital?

This clinic was founded in the year 1985 at a suitable destination place, where the patient can get their real solution for their complication. In this regard, the surgeon has performed only plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery so that the patient can draw their benefits or solution through this hospital. This hospital can offer the best option to recover the problem in best manner. During the procedure the surgeon should kept some information about the patient because they can ensure about the patient for this proposes. In this way, the patient can move for this hospital to draw the solution for their complications. So, these are available in the leading hospital and the patient can choose the right path to short out the problem.


Tax incentives have also fuelled the private sector medicine and they take a few of strain off state scheme as well as generate the cash through the health tourism. That pays thinking where you can buy the health cover. Till last year, in case, you bought from the registered life insurance company as "add-on", and it escaped tax in point of the sale. Additionally, purchaser was been entitled to claim premium against their income tax, and up to the maximum of Baht 50,000. Though the concessions were been supposed having ended, few reputable Bangkok based insurers then claim tax break is viable.

Any way, it pays to shop over. What is very sure is in case, you buy the health cover from other form of the non-life insurer, purchase is also subject to VAT. Also, there is not any tax relief. But, under these circumstances, purchasers will claim the relief to Baht 15,000 to cover the parents' healthcare, given income of parent doesn’t exceed Baht 30,000 every year (£630). It points out that company, all along with other non-life insurers, and sells the policies that are combined with the minimal personal accident cover. Thus, special business tax of around 2.75 per cent applies, instead VAT at 7 per cent. Better off patients are possible to use 450 private hospitals. Also, in Bangkok, there are many hospitals with the high reputations where majority of the expats go. It include Bangkok General Group – PAI Naravee Clinic Bangkok. Observers say group has also developed the reputation for the top end treatment, and with the pricing structure to get match.


. For inquiries and support please visit or Call: +66(2)653-3880 for International. Australia: 02 800-500-56


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